Brief view

The Brief View provides less detail than that of the Full view record. The Brief View of the record is displayed on the Search results screen and includes information such as title, author and place and date of publication. When searching on the ANBD or LA Authorities the term on which you searched is highlighted in bold and red.

Clicking on the Title link within the brief view record, takes you to a more detailed view of the record – the Full view record. Another way to get to a more detailed record is to click on the View Full view button in the Record Preview panel on the right of the screen. The Record Preview panel is displayed when you hover over the record title or the number of holdings.

From the Brief View you can select the checkboxes then view, save, download, email, and print the bibliographic information for several records. You can also use Compare records functionality to view between 2 and 4 records in one screen, and report duplicates using a pre-populated form.