Adding records from an external database

You can search external databases, such as the OCLC and RLG Union Catalogues, to find bibliographic records. Having found the bibliographic record you want, you can then add (or import) the record to the ANBD and then add your library's holdings.

1. From the search screen, click on the More databases button
2. Choose the external database you wish to search, eg. RLG Union Catalogue and then click Save Changes
3. Conduct a search
4. Click on the record you wish to add. In the full view of the record, click on the 'Import record' button.
5. You will then be taken to a screen where the data you have entered into the web cataloguing form appears in a box with MARC codes and numbers. The codes and numbers will appear in PICA MARC format (reference table of PICA codes associated with MARC tags). The PICA MARC format is a version of MARC used by the Libraries Australia Cataloguing Client which has been developed by the OCLC/PICA company in the Netherlands. If you wish to add the new record to the ANBD, click on the 'Save' button. If you get unusual error messages, you can find out what they mean by clicking here. You will then be taken through to the Holdings screen.
6. Add your holdings to this record following these steps.