Adding a bibliographic record using the web cataloguing form

Inputting a new bibliographic record

To input data in the web cataloguing form, click on the Add Record tab. If you are unsure of what data to enter into each box, click on the question markĀ button that displays when you hover next to a label to get help.

Open a new session of Libraries Australia if you wish to search the ANBD at any time. You can copy and paste text from a Libraries Australia record display, or other documents, into the web cataloguing text boxes.

If you wish to add a second or third Standard Number, Note, Subject or Name click on the plusĀ button. You can also click on the minus button to remove these fields. If you decide that you do not wish to Save the data that you have input click the Cancel button to return to Libraries Australia.

Mandatory data

The Libraries Australia system does not allow a record to be saved unless all mandatory data fields have been completed. The mandatory headings on the web cataloguing form are Title, Publication Place, Publication Date, Country of Publication, Type of material, Bibliographic level, Content type and Carrier type.

Sub fields

The system does not support the use of sub field codes and delimiters within an input box. Any sub field codes or delimiters that are entered on a Web Input form will be treated as text.


Where appropriate the system automatically inserts a full stop at the end of the following fields: Title, Name, Edition, Publication Date, Physical Description, Note, Summary, Subject. The system automatically inserts a comma after Publisher, and a comma or colon after Publication Place as required.