Appointed on 1 August 2019 for a three year term until 31 July 2022.

Senator Catryna Bilyk has served as a Senator for Tasmania since July 2008. Following her election in 2007 and just prior to commencing her first term, Senator Bilyk survived two brain tumours—an experience which has led to her being a longstanding and vocal advocate for brain cancer research.

Senator Bilyk’s employment history includes working as an advisor for Tasmanian Government ministers David Crean, Ken Bacon and David Llewellyn, an industrial officer and trainer for the Australian Services Union, an early childhood educator and a research assistant to Dr Eric Cunningham Dax.

As a lover of books and reading, Senator Bilyk served for several years as a national Love2Read Ambassador (formerly National Year of Reading Ambassador).

She has also been a strong supporter of the arts in Australia. Senator Bilyk helped establish the Parliamentary Friends of the Screen Industry, and took a lead role for the Opposition on a 2015 Senate inquiry into Commonwealth funding for the arts.