Inside Trove

Trove at a glance

What can you find in Trove? Here's a quick overview:

Yes, you can find stuffed animals in Trove!

These resources are grouped into ten content zones. You can used advanced search or facets to limit your searches to particular content types.

Remember that in most cases what you'll find in Trove is information about resources, or metadata, rather than copies of the items themselves. Depending on the type of item and where the metadata has come from, there'll be various ways for you to get a copy.

Understanding zones

Trove is made up of ten zones. The zones group together similar types of content. Here's a list of the zones and the different types of material they contain.

Screen capture of Trove Zone Explorer
For another view of Trove's zones, try the experimental Zone Explorer.

As you explore Trove, you'll probably notice that some items appear in multiple zones. Why? Items are assigned to zones based on their format, but some of them combine more than one format type. A book, for example, might include maps or artworks. By sharing item details across all relevant zones, Trove tries to make it easier for you to find what you want.