Newspaper widgets

Feature Trove newspapers on your website

Everyone loves Trove's digitised newspapers. Using our newspaper widgets you can feature selected digitised newspapers on your own website. They're easy to create and embed.

Perhaps you're a fan of the Melbourne Punch – here's a live widget showing summary information.

Notice that the widget tells you how many issues and articles are available through Trove and the current date range. It also provides you with a summary of user activity – how many user tags and comments have been added to the newspaper. There's even a convenient search box, just enter your query to jump straight into Trove.

The widgets pull live data from Trove and can be customised in a number of ways.

Instructions for content partners

Widgets can be created and configured on the following web page

  1. Choose the type of widget you want to create by clicking on one of the tabs under the 'Choose a widget type' heading.
      • Summary widgets display the details of one or more newspapers, or those for a particular state.
      • Newspaper navigator widgets show a filterable list of state newspapers.
      • Usage summary widgets show usage statistics for particular papers.

    You can see examples of all the different types of widgets in the examples section.

  2. Select the criteria the widgets should use to filter titles
    • You can select one title, multiple titles or all the titles from a particular state. To select all the titles from a state, check the tick box next to the desired state. If you would like to select a custom set of titles then click on the newspaper list box located under the list of states, and then select the titles you wish to add to the widget.
  3. Add a heading and any other credit type information to the widget by filling in the 'Heading' and 'Credits' fields located under the Newspaper title drop down list. These options are really useful for users as it allows them to add information about their organisation
  4. Customise the widget. You can choose to customise the appearance of the widget, you might want to use the colours of your organisation or just use colours you like. You can customise the colours of the heading and credit fields as well as the background colour, text colour and title colour.
  5. Click on the 'Apply' button located at the bottom of the widget configuration settings. A preview of the widget will then be displayed and code generated that you can insert into a web page. Code for a script and for an iframe will be generated.
  6. Decide where on your website you would like to display your widget(s). You might choose a public facing page for a navigation or summary widget, and an internal site for a usage widget. There is no right or wrong answer, you can place the widgets wherever you like! Copy the code and paste it into your webpage.

Instructions for developers

One of the reasons we developed the newspaper widgets is to demonstrate to developers what can be done with the Trove API.

If you are interested in contributing to the code or building on what we have already done then

  • The code can be downloaded from github, detailed technical instructions can be found on the github site;
  • Submit a contact us request and ask us for a Trove API key and/or a Google Analytics key;
  • We love hearing about how people are using Trove's API, get in contact with us and let us know what you're working on;
  • Check out our application gallery to see what other developers have built with Trove's API.