Adding or correcting records

Adding items to Trove

Trove is an online service which brings together records describing items in collections of Libraries and other institutions into a single database.  We work with Libraries and collecting institutions to automatically add information to the database through a machine to machine interface.  We do not have the functionality to add information from individuals to our databases.

If books are published in Australia, they will all need to have a copy deposited with the National Library of Australia and the State Library in the state the book was published as per the legal deposit requirements. 

Once a book is catalogued by either of those libraries a record appears in Libraries Australia. This then makes the item searchable by our member libraries of which there are over 1000, and then also in our service Trove, which is freely available worldwide.

The best way for your pieces to come into Trove would be to donate them to a cultural institution like your State library or the National Library.

Items in the wrong zone

Libraries and other contributors to Trove catalogue their collection material and submit their catalogue records to Trove. We are therefore not able to make changes or corrections to these records. Information about corrections to catalogue records can be sent to the library that catalogued the item. From the catalogue record you can see which library holds the item. Please be aware that libraries normally create the catalogue record from the original item, so they are cautious with corrections sent to them.