Comments are annotations added by users. These can help you and other users find out more information about an item, such as the names of the people in a photograph, or to provide a review of the item.

Adding a comment

  1. Navigate to a record. 
  2. Click ‘Comments’ in the User activity box to the right of the record’s title.
  3. Click ‘Add a comment’
  4. Click on the button next to Public or Private. Public comments are seen by all Trove users, and private comments are only seen by you. You must be logged in to add a private comment.
  5. Type comment into the text box
  6. Click ‘Add comment’. If you are not signed in you will have to complete a short ‘captcha’ test.

A comment can contain any information relevant to an item, such as providing more information about an item, adding information about events related to the item, providing links to related items in Trove, or even providing a review of a specific book. Comments can be added to anything in Trove (except Archived Websites), and can be searched. Anyone can add a comment, even if they do not have a user account.

When you create a comment, you can choose whether to make it public (anyone can see it and search for it), or private (only you can see it). You can only add a private comment if you have logged in.

Editing a comment

Comments can’t be edited, if you wish to edit a comment you should delete it and add a new one.

Deleting a comment

You may only delete a comment that you have added while logged into Trove. If you find a comment or tag that you believe is in breach of the Trove terms of use please contact us.


  1. Login to Trove with the account you used to create the comment
  2. Navigate to the article or item that you have added the comment to
  3. Open the comments widget located in the left-hand column on newspaper articles or click on the ‘Comments’ link located on the right-hand side of all other items
  4. Click ‘remove’ or to edit a comment instead, click ‘edit’.